Roger Toledo Bueno

Cuban, born 1986


Born in Camagüey, Cuba,1986. Lives and works in Havana, Cuba. Roger graduated from The University of Fine Arts (ISA) in Havana where he is currently a professor. His most recent achievement was a show at the Arts Museum of the Americas (AMA) in DC, a group exhibition of young Cuban artists named Art(xiomas) CubaAhora: the next generation. 



Sierpinski Dice

“In the series Sierpinski Dice I seek the visual expression for the dialogue between the instinctive and the rational and for my creative process, which can be extended to any human activity. The paintings are built by the repeated juxtaposition of two pictorial procedures: the dripping, of irregular nature representing the spontaneity, the accident, the subconscious; and the square color plane given by the shape of the open dice talking about precision, reasoning, conscious construction. Each dice is tricolor, as the Sierpinski dice. Both procedures coexist in the pieces as overlapping layers, acting endlessly upon each other until achieving the harmony of the image.”  - Roger Toledo Bueno 

Color Exercises

"The Color Exercise series came up as a technical challenge in my painting. How to make a painting interesting using color as the single tool? How to achieve balance, depth, movement and rhythm through the subtle variations of a same color? Little by little each painting started to acquire a significant symbolic value and the color itself started to impose. These paintings shift between the expressive value of the color and its diverse technical expression." - Roger Toledo Bueno



This group of pieces is part of the Landscaping series, where the landscape is built and modified starting from the pictorial process. Non-conventional tools are used to paint the landscapes (such as the decorative metal sheets found in Home Depot) in order to arrange and distribute colors evenly.

The artist simultaneously works on big size pieces and in these small ones where the experimentation and the improvisation establish the balance in its creative process. The small holes in the metal sheets used to make the paintings have as a result sort of an uncontrolled texture. This first stage will evoke a landscape which will take shape through color. Each piece is aimed at creating a unique space where harmony and chromatic drives the eye towards the horizon of this known or imaginary landscape.


Artists In Mind

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The Future Moves Slow Event

Artist Roger Toledo Bueno meets with patrons at the "FUTURE MOVES SLOW" opening - 11, November 2017. 

Artist Roger Toledo Bueno meets with patrons at the "FUTURE MOVES SLOW" opening - 11, November 2017. 

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