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The Future Moves Slow - Fall 2017

A celebration and discussion around Cuban artists, the resilience of the Cuban people, and the creative expression born out of US-Cuban relations.

thomas schoos -  trade Series

Schoos continues to explore the relationships between form, texture and environment in all of his works, applying a unique and vibrant vision to his experience of the world.

Artifacts from around the world

This is perhaps the best location for finding fabulous one-of-a-kind items, whether designed by Thomas Schoos or part of our extensive collection of world art objects.


Awaken & Explore

Schoos Night Gallery is not only an indoor showcase but outdoor oasis. Our award winning landscape is truly unlike any other. Make sure to ask to see the gardens on your next visit. You won't believe your in a major city as you reflect on our koi pond while our tropical makaws chirp in the background. 


Works of Art

Thomas Schoos began as an artist and sculptor and his distinctive large-format paintings continue to be sought-after and prized by collectors. Some are purchased outright and others are commissioned for installation in Schoos designed spaces.  For instance, Morimoto Mexico City commissioned a series of ten paintings on an enormous scale, measuring a total of 160 feet, for installation in a unique space boasting 17 foot ceilings. .