Paul Ecke Exhibition - "Mechanisms & Meditations"

July 28 - September 15, 2015

Paul Ecke’s series, “Industrial Elements,” continues the repetitive patterning and the lines and circles of conversation. The inclusion of hardware elements, and the sectioning of the canvas or panel, makes each piece read as a conversation as seen through the lines of an architectural plan. Each artwork is created through applying multiple layers of paint, industrial materials (screening, metal washers, bolts, hinges, paper and media) and then stripping them away. Thus, even in his process, Ecke demonstrates that all can be deconstructed and constructed again from simple elements. With each piece, the viewer is then asked to engage in his/her own personal dialogue of the roadmap.


Mark Bryce Exhibition - " A Candle Dimly Lit"

November 14 - January 31, 2015

Schoos Night Gallery is pleased to present “A Candle Dimly Lit,” the gallery’s first solo show with California-based painter Mark Adams Bryce.. Continuing what has become a notable series of work, Bryce has developed a unique and rich visual vocabulary, which skillfully investigates contemporary ideas and ideologies within the larger narrative of American painting. Bryce’s work explores psychosocial, cultural, and political dynamics in America society – as well as the notion of painting itself. Issues of contemporary culture and human experience are presented with technical virtuosity, rife with quirky references, humor and symbolism.  Although Bryce’s work conveys a clear respect for the formal traditions of American painting, his image is not bound to a particular genre, age or philosophy, but rather develops his narrative with a cleverness and wit that engage the viewer in his distinctive artistic language.