The Future Moves Slow


(Selected Pieces will remain at the Gallery until SuMMER 2018)

In Cuba, the future moves slow. In 1961 Fidel Castro pledged to make “the greatest art schools in the world”. When US-Cuban diplomatic relations ended that same year, soon did construction of the pledged schools as well. As both countries’ governments continued to clash, Cubans witnessed slow progress inside their borders. What wasn’t stunted, however, was artistic growth and expression. The Future Moves Slow exhibits the creative genius and parallels experiences flowing from both Cuban and US artists during this time.


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Gallery is open and appointments are available after hours. Please call 323-822-2800.


The Future Moves Slow, set in Schoos Night Gallery. Woven together by art that shows the intricate diplomatic relationship between the United States and Cuba, Psychitecture Magazine in collaboration with Artists in Mind and the award-winning Schoos Design will be showing a collection of works by artists who were founders of the Cuban Abstract movement in the 1950’s to Contemporary Cuban art. With the political spin, the gallery aims to spark a discussion that buttresses a healthy relationship between the two countries that have a long-shared history with one another.                                      

Renowned artists that will be attending the exhibition: Robert Toledo and Damian Aquiles. Featured artists include: Miguel Machado, Ruben Rodriguez, Vladimir Sagols, Salvador Corratge, Cuty Ragazzone, Liudmila & Nelson, and Orestes Hernandez.  

Each artist brings a spin on the vibrantly rich country of Cuba and the strong spirit of its people. Some artists like Orestes Hernandez integrate bright and vivid colors to exude the colorful culture and controversial issues of Cuba while others take a different approach, such as Damian Aquiles who uses recycled metals, canvas, and plastic to create art with an environmental theme in mind. All the works of art push the political and social issues of Cuba into the spotlight for intellectual thought and discussion all the while bringing an appreciation for the diverse talent of the people.

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